So it’s happened again, Josh and Ben have just flown out to Indonesia for a two month long stint of sun and waves, I’ve been left at home to keep the blog running and get saving to fly myself out sometime in the not too distant future.

I had a scare a few weeks ago when my mac stopped working, I took it into the repair shop and they said that it seemed like a hard drive failure. Me being so unorganised I hadn’t made a back up so I was hoping, praying that they’d be able to recover all my files. That drove me to buy an external hard drive (I got a western digital My Passport as recommended by Sharpy) and i’m backing up everything as we speak.

I’ve also ordered some business cards with some of my pretty pictures on, something else which I’ve been meaning to do for a fair while now. They should be coming any day now and if you’re lucky I may let you have one if I see you.

Carve are going to be running a few of my shots over the next couple issues So i’ll be sure to put them up on here. But if you support the british surfing mags go out and buy it, it really does make a difference!

We have a few videos coming out soon too which we made before everyone left and they’ll be released over the next few weeks, I’m organising shoots and video sessions with the few dedicated surfers who have stayed in Cornwall to brave the harsh winter for the odd glimmer of sunshine and decent surf. So expect some different things from Excuse my English!

That’s all for now but check back soon for some videos and photos!